Tuesday, 11 June 2013 07:16

Our members tell us

Hi all, I've come across this online article with some tips for video interviews

http://www.bbc.co.uk ews/magazine-21334710

I know that one member in our JobClub did have an initial interview in this format and the article claims that 6 out of 10 HR Managers are using this tool, so it may be increasingly used in the future.

Key tips include:

  • Set the stage: Make the room you're in a reflection of your work-polished style
  • A plain backdrop can be less distracting
  • Test the lighting: Even if your camera isn't the highest quality, make sure it flatters your features and the interviewer can see you clearly
  • Dress the part: Be as conservative as the organisation - wear smart bottoms in case you have to get up during the interview
  • Work the camera: Minimise the video image of you so you're not tempted to watch yourself
  • The employer expects eye contact and anything else will distract him or her
  • Do a test run: Call a friend or family member to make sure speakers and microphone are working and they can hear you clearly Has anyone any first-hand experience of a video interview?


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