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When should I start my job search ?

Just heard you’re relocating with your partner to the Lake Geneva Region ? Probably, the first question that comes to your mind is WHEN should I start my job search?

Here are a few tips to optimize your entry into a new (and yet unknown) job market.

1. Before Departure : Research & Prepare !

  1. Focus on learning as much as you can about your destination’s economic situation, potential industry sectors/employers & your skills’ match to market
  2. Update your C.V. and LinkedIn profile, get your business references sorted out
  3. Ask your existing network for introductions to any local contacts they may have.. no matter where in the country or what the hierarchical level of these contacts may be within their organization
  4. Think about your career continuation options so you’re crystal clear about what you want.

Kiss of Death :

  • Massive mail shots before arrival, before you have a local address, before your residence paperwork is completed
  • Contacting would be employers & recruiters before you’re on the ground

Why ?  

  • Recruiters will be reluctant to consider you as a serious candidate until you’re really on the ground,
  • You still lack in-depth knowledge/understanding of the local job market & culturally adequate market-specific approaches.

Best course of action :Download our Pre-departure checklist for free if you pay with a Tweet!

2. Immediately On Arrival : Settle Down !

  1. Focus on getting settled first : relocation is a time of stress and high activity levels.

Kiss of Death :

  • Trying to juggle logistics & your job search will not work !

Why ?

  • Finding your way around and getting acclimatised = a level of confusion or « dispersed commitment » any seasoned recruiter will immediately sense
  • Thinking you can fake it : Some questions may be real show stoppers (eg. do you have day care for your child yet ?)
  • Missed opportunities are even more frustrating than not getting offers because you know you only have yourself to blame for it.  This is not a good place to be when your professional identity is already being challenged.

3. Within first 3 months : Connect, Validate your Market Knowledge, Start your Job Search

  1. Validate what you have learnt on the job market
  2. Understand the hiring and interview process
  3. Ensure your professional identity fits market style
  4. Network, network, network !


  • Do your homework, find cultural interpretors and location/business sector experts who will give you an unbiassed feedback
  • Don’t give in to panic, be systematic about what you do, step back observe and try and cross reference the information you get before making judgements that may kill off some possible options
  • Stay focussed and motivated.

Good luck with your job search !

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