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Webinar for HR Practitioners “Repatriation training: an overlooked talent management & retention tool”

Repatriation often is a more frustrating experience than relocation for your international assignees. Expectations that “returning home” will be easy are usually short lived. Employees’ outlook and expectations have been changed by their international experience and the new job will certainly not be the same as the one they are leaving behind. Statistics and research attest to the significant attrition rates amongst returning assignees. Within the first 3 years after their return, companies may have lost as many as 40 to 50% of these employees, significantly affecting these organizations’ R.O.I. on their international assignement programs. Hear how preparation and training enables employees and their families to reposition their new learnings, skills and behaviors back home, both in the workplace and their personal environments. Family re-entry and the concerns of all stakeholders (career partner, children’s education, personal challenges) are also covered during a training. Help your employee have a smoother re-entry, settle in their new job more rapidly and send positive signals about your organization’s support to other potential expatriates

Who should attend the introductory webinar : HR practitioners or International Assignments managers who need to understand more about the impact repatriation can have on the employee, family and organisation.

Date & time : May 7th, 2014 from 3pm to 4pm

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