Becoming a member means you can have access to all our webinars & an exploratory 1:1 session about your fit to local job market, attend the JobClub’s fortnightly meetings, participate in face to face trainings, forums and special interest groups and, if you decide to take the platinum membership, a package of 1:1 coaching sessions to support you through your job search.

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1:1 Exploratory session

This 1.5 hours session is usually conducted by Skype before or immediately upon your arrival. This is your first personalised touch point with our team of coaches to answer any concerns you may have about relocating to Switzerland and the Lake Geneva region. Taken before arrival it can help take the stress out of the decision to move. It can also help you set realistic goals in terms of settling in, securing employment or start a reflection process on suitable personal development options and career enhancing alternatives


Topics for our 1 hour webinars include daily living in your Canton and your Commune, Swiss culture and cultural integration tips, doing business or interacting with business people in Switzerland, networking, getting hired in Switzerland, starting your own business through to a closure check point to measure your integration progress at the end of your 1 year membership. We also have a special webinar dedicated to dealing with repatriation. There are altogether 12 pre-taped webinars you can access upon signing for a membership or you can chose to register for a live webinar and join our community of new arrivals. Webinars are scheduled on a forthnightly basis.


These fortnightly touch points provide members with an opportunity to meet like minded individuals and exchange information. Moderated by one of our career and culture coaches, they are usually built around a short presentation on an appropriate theme followed by lively discussions.

Private LinkedIn Group with News, Forums and special interest groups

here I go offers a safe place to go to where information can be exchanged member to member, where special interest groups related to work experience can be created or where there is an opportunity to ask advice and/or information from our Group manager so start Networking now ! Our Alumni also stay connected and act as additional resources for our new members.

1 Day face to face group workshop on « Getting hired in the Lake Geneva Region »

This 1 day program is conducted by here I go’s professional career coaches and includes a comprehensive introduction to the recruitment process in the region. It covers the full gamut of job search techniques. It also addresses managing relocation and job search related stress and how to stay focussed. Tips and recommendations for networking and using social networks are also provided. For those interested in starting their own business, information on the process of getting set up will be provided.

1 Day face to face group workshop on « Cultural Integration in the Lake Geneva Region & Switzerland »

This 1 day program is conducted by here I go’s professional cross cultural trainers and local experts who have helped many transferees settle in the region. It includes a comprehensive introduction to the relocation process and integration strategies for both the individual and other family members, dealing with culture shock and relocation stress, learning about Swiss culture, local daily living tips, social activities and personal development options. This is a venue for starting your network and getting recommendations for networking options in the region.

Extra « Me » Time : 5 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions (via Skype)

This is your safety net for individualised access to trained coaches to support job search follow up, integration issues, personal development needs, etc. Alternatively, if you are planning to set up your own business this time can be used to develop your business plan and explore market approaches.


  • For personalized packages, workshops and training programs, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.