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This training center and community platform is designed to support the social and professional integration of accompanying partners/spouses who relocate to the Greater Lake Geneva Berne Region . This is your touch point to get information, get acclimated, get connected, get started with your job search… or just get on with your new life in the best possible way! Hardest for anyone relocating to a new country is learning the ropes, finding out how things are done, understanding the culture, finding new friends or activities. In that context, understanding the local job market, appropriate job search approaches and connecting with the right entry points is even more daunting.



Our aim is to :   

  • Inspire you as you embark on your new life here, through the testimonies of those who have gone before you and succeeded
  • Develop your knowledge about your new environment so you can make informed choices and take appropriate actions that support both your personal and professional objectives
  • Enable you to access training modules and 1:1 sessions with professionals to guide you through the relocation decision, cultural adjustment, daily life issues and the job search process
  • Foster links within our community so you can support each other and share successes and learnings through our Forums, special interest group meetings and our JobClub
  • Provide links outside our community to professionals or resources who may have needs for personnel or volunteers that match your profile
  • Facilitate access to information on job, career development and other personal development opportunities


Come and join our community and get the support you need!